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2017-2018 Season

In December of 2017, we held a Christmas concert

May 5th 2018

The Brampton Festival Singers and Headwaters' Choir, along with special guests took a trip from 60's pop, to classical and more modern renditions of Beatles music. This concert called Far Out, the Beatles Revisited.
First of all we have a short clip of three members of the audience and their reaction to the concert that probably says it all.

One of our special guests was Graham Dunnet, Lead singer of 'Dee and the Yeomen' who just happened to play with the Beatles in Hamburg in 1963. Graham emigrated to Canada and had six big hits. The most famous of which he is singing in the clip opposite.

Graham is a long time resident of Brampton and will be among the BFS guests. Here is Graham singing his number one hit in Canada all those years ago. He came back to join the BFS to reprise this song at the concert.

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